Its all about what you wish for..what you dream for. Be you, the real you.. Which make people jealous. Because, if people are jealous and envious about you, it means you are doing awesome:). 



You are a girl! Follow these rules 

You are a girl! Be careful

You are a girl! Donot talk to strangers

You are a girl! Adjust yourself to Situations

You are a girl! Not allowed to do this

You are afterall a girl!  You get it easily

You are girl! Lucky… You need not  to work. Grab a guy who is rich

You are a girl! Get married soon

You are a girl! Maintain your physique to get a good husband

You are a girl!  Your life atlast depends  on a man

You are a girl! Dont  make big dreams..

You are a girl!  You are not allowed to talk loud, laugh loud

You are a girl! Be like a girl.. Serve a man.

Yes i am a girl!..  These rules are not user defined and are customized fella.. If i decide u cannot open your eyes to see this world.. Stop pinging.. Yes i am a girl.. Maker and destroyer of the world.. Dont mess with me!



 Wonders need moments to begin. If there are  some revolutions  going to happen it takes seconds of time to initiate.  Power of nature blessed and there came the beautiful and unexpressible gift from god called “THE GIRL”. She defines beauty, responsibility, sensitive, everlasting,  incredible creation. She has the power to rule the world and also change the world, but god sent this beautiful gift wrapped in many problems.

Unaware of all these, our baby girl smiles and showers her possitive energy around us:-). yes, its incredible. Its just isnt smile, it a new beginning of a revolution.